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How To Fix HP Laptop Screen Black Out Issue?

Stay calm if you are facing the HP laptop screen black issue because this article is going to help you get rid of the problem. Black screen of death is usually a result of some software problem or hardware damage. Oftentimes, the screen may turn black even if you didn’t work on the device. Or you may see a black screen after your OS update. Whatever the reason may be, we have reliable solutions for you to resolve the black screen issue.

HP Laptop Screen Black Out

What Causes HP Black Screen Of Death?

Your HP laptop screen may show black due to many reasons. Your screen may die after you have signed out or signed in or in between your work. The most common causes resulting in your HP laptop screen black can be:

  • You have a corrupt file in your operating system that is hindering your work. In this case, your screen may show death but would still be running and functioning.
  • Oftentimes, the HP laptop screen shows black after you have upgraded your Windows operating system.
  • Laptop screens may also die after you remove the graphic card from the motherboard.
  • Another reason can be the faulty RAM of your laptop leading to black screen issues.
  • Your inverter board is not converting enough voltage to run your screen.

What To Do When My HP Laptop Screen Is Black When I Turn It On?

Many points can cause your laptop or computer screen to blackout or die. Follow our prominent solutions to fix HP laptop won’t turn on

  1. Restart your laptop: Shut down your laptop and remove all the power suppliers. Wait for around 2 minutes before reconnecting the laptop. Shut it on to check if the issue is resolved.
  2. Try restarting the explorer.exe process: Sometimes, viruses in your system deactivate the explorer.exe process resulting in a black screen of death. So, end and restart the process in the taskbar to fix the problem.
  3. Update Graphics driver of your laptop: Missing or outdated graphics driver may also result in a black screen. Get the latest version of the graphics driver installed on your laptop to resolve the issue.
  4. Reverse recent changes: If your screen is turning black after the updates on your OS, perform a system restore to undo all the changes. Next, restart your laptop to remove the error.

How To Fix My HP Black Screen Of Death On Windows 10?

If your laptop screen is showing black on Windows 10, try disabling the Fast startup feature of your OS. To do this,

  • First, open the Quick Access menu. After that, select the Control panel option.
  • Choose Power Options and move on to administrative settings.
  • In ‘Shut-down settings’, uncheck ‘Turn on Fast startup’ and save the changes.
  • Reboot the system to see if it’s still showing a black screen.

In case the problem persists, press Ctrl+Alt+Del. Then, click on the power button showing on your screen and restart your PC.

Why Does My HP Laptop Keep On Preparing Automatic Repair Then Showing Black Screen?

The Automatic Repair feature present in Windows OS helps the system to boot properly and fix some issues. However, sometimes the feature fails to work, causing the HP laptop screen black issue. This may happen because:

  • Your Windows is not able to start/boot.
  • Some hardware problem in your HDD or RAM.
  • Sometimes, it may be caused by a faulty Windows Update or other ingenuine updates/driver.
  • Corrupted bootloader/Boot Configuration Data may also cause your screen to turn black.

How To Fix HP Laptop That is Preparing Automatic Repair And Then Showing Black Screen?

Don’t panic if you are facing a stuck black screen after automatic repair. Try these solutions to get rid of the problem.

  • Perform a hard reboot after removing the battery and AC adapter.
  • Boot into the safe mode and scan for viruses or suspicious software/drivers.
  • Try extending the system reserved partition. After that, you can restart the PC to check if the error is resolved.
  • If your laptop gets stuck on Preparing Automatic Repair during the startup, we recommend performing startup repair.
  • You can also rebuild BCD if you are getting a ‘Preparing Automatic Repair’ error due to missing or corrupted boot files.

Bottom Line-

Don’t worry about the HP laptop screen black issue because you have got our back. Try the above solution to fix the issue and resume your work. Note that you may lose some data or files of your laptop while resolving the error. We recommend you create a backup to prevent the loss of information before starting any of the solutions. If the problem persists, contact a Tech expert to get your PC repaired.

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