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How do I Fix HP Printer Not Feeding Paper Properly Issue?

Nowadays, HP printers are one of the most important IT devices that help people to print documents at offices and homes. There are some problems that you may encounter while printing your documents using HP printers. One of the most common issues that many users have a complaint about is the paper jam or when the HP printer may not feed paper properly.

HP Printer not feeding paper

Whenever you experience an HP printer not feeding paper properly issue, it is very important to identify the exact cause and proper troubleshooting methods to fix the problem. It is very easy to fix HP Printer paper jams problems. Check out the detailed article to know how to fix HP printer won’t feed paper properly issue.

What Causes HP Printer Paper Jammed Issue?

There are different ways of loading the paper or moving that paper through the tray of HP Deskjet printer or any other printer models. Therefore, the paper can be jammed anywhere in the paper tray and it is important to remove the paper from there. Given below are some most common reasons by which the HP printer won’t grab paper:

Wrong Loading of Paper: It is one of the most important reasons for the printer paper jams problem. It is very important to properly load the paper in the input tray. Similarly, folded or frayed paper can strike in the paper tray. Overloading papers in the tray can also result in paper jams as the rollers are unable to pick up sheets of different heights.

Damage Rollers: Rollers basically make your printers pull in sheets from the input tray. But sometimes, these rollers can be damaged and cause wear and tear problems in paper over time.

Use of low-quality cartridges: If you are using low-quality paper that may leave the paper in the tray, low-quality cartridges can leave behind stray ink and toner. This in result, causes the paper jams issue and also affects output quality.

How to Prevent HP Printer Paper Jams?

The Printer paper jams affect your printer and system up to great extent. It not only delays your print job but also damages key printer components. Given below are some various other things that you can do to prevent such jams in HP Photosmart printer or any of your printers:

  • Avoid overfilling the paper tray.
  • Make sure that the paper feed/paper tray is properly set to the size of paper it is using.
  • Use high-quality printer paper as thin paper can create problems for printers.
  • Don’t insert papers until the previous paper jams are correctly cleared.

How do I Fix HP Printer Not Feeding Paper Correctly Problem?

If you are experiencing issues, like HP printer won’t grab the paper in your HP Officejet printer or any other printer model, it is very important to fix the problem at the earliest. You can apply any of the following troubleshooting methods to get out of this problem:

Method 1: Properly Load Paper in Tray

It is very important to insert paper that matches the recommended thickness value, otherwise adding irrelevant papers to the input paper tray can result in unaligned sheets. It is also important to check the medium load settings and reorganize it once the print job is successfully done. It is also recommended to avoid mixing multiple layers of paper with zero percent transparency level.

Method 2: Clear Paper Jams from the Rear of the Printer

The rear access door is used to troubleshoot if there is any Paper Jam from the Printer.  If there is any problem with the rear access panel of your printer, remove it and carefully pull out the jammed paper from the tray. If the paper is moving around a roller, it is quite easy to remove the top of the paper first, and then gently pull it out from the bottom.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to clean printer paper feed roller?

To clean your printer paper feed roller, unplug the power cable and turn off the printer. Remove both paper cassettes and clean it using a soft and moist cloth.

Why will my HP printer not feed paper?

There are several reasons by which your HP printer may not feed properly. Some of them are:

  • Wrong Loading of Paper
  • Damage Rollers
  • Use of low-quality cartridges

How do you fix a paper feed error?

Apply any of the troubleshooting methods to fix the problem:

  • Clear Paper Jams from the Rear of the Printer
  • Properly Load Paper in Tray
  • Remove Paper from under the Front Cover

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