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How to Connect HP Printer to Wifi Network?

Are you tired of managing wires and cables that look extremely messy around your printers? If yes, don’t panic. To avoid such problems, you can try wireless printers to print, scan and copy documents. These printers allow users to print and scan their documents from their PCs, laptops, tablets, or even mobile phones. Adding an HP Printer to a wireless network is very easy and simple process, you just need to perform various steps for this. Here, in this article, we have mentioned quick steps by which you can connect your HP Printer to WiFi.

connect hp printer to wifi

How do I Connect HP Printer to Wifi Network?

You can use WPS Pin on HP printer to establish a connection between your printer and system. In order for a wireless connection, follow the below-given steps to connect HP printer to Wi-Fi with WPS button.

  • Press the power button of your HP printer to turn it on.
  • Go to the HP printer touch screen and tap the right arrow and press the setup option.
  • Now choose the “Wireless setup wizard” option from the Network Menu. After this, it will search the wireless router access point within the range.
  • Now Select your Wireless Network ID and enter the network WEP and WPA Password in the next screen and press ‘Done’.
  • Press the ‘Ok’ button to Confirm the Wireless Settings.

Once you are done with the above steps, your HP printer will be connected to the Wifi network. You can apply these steps to connect any model of HP printer with the Wifi network.

How to Connect HP Printer to WiFi on Phone?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to connect your printer with an Android smartphone or tablet:

  • Open Settings on your mobile phone and then click on Connected devices or Connections followed by click on Printing.
  • Check whether HP Print Service is mentioned in the list make sure the status is On. If the service is not listed, click Add service, and then install the HP Print Service.
  • In the Settings menu, go through Apps > More > Show System Apps.
  • Now, tap Print Spooler. If it is not an option, click Storage, and then Print Spooler.
  • Tap Clear Data or Force Stop.
  • At last, restart your mobile device and check if it is connected to your printer.

Quick Steps to Connect HP Printer to WiFi on Windows:

Before configuring your printer’s wireless settings, properly unbox your printer and place it somewhere from where all inputs can be accessible. After proper setup, follow the below-given steps to connect your printer wirelessly:

  • Firstly, hold the power button of your HP printer to turn it on.
  • Now, go to the touch screen of your printer and click on the right-arrow and click setup option.
  • Then, connect your HP printer to your Wifi network.
  • Now, open any browser in your system and go to to download HP printer-related driver.
  • Choose the model of your printer from the list click on the download option.
  • After successful download of the driver software, double-click on it and follow on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
  • Then, type cp in the search box located at the bottom-left corner and open the ‘Control panel.’
  • Now, choose “Printer and Driver” option and then choose “Add Printer” option.
  • After this, a list with model of your printer will appear on screen. Choose your model and click on the ‘Next’ button and wait till the setup process finishes.

Once you are done with the above steps for HP printer setup, your HP wireless printer will be connected to your Windows system. You can download HP solution center, in case of any issue or further assistance.

How To Connect HP Wireless (WiFi) Printer on MAC OS?

This section will explain you how to connect HP Wifi printer to your Mac device. Follow the below-given steps one by one:

  • Switch on your HP printer, your Mac and your Wifi router and connect your system with your printer and Wifi router.
  • Also, make sure whether the Mac and HP printer is ON and connected with the same Wifi network.
  • After this, navigate to the official website of Hp printers and click on the Printer driver download option.
  • Then, setup driver software on your MAC by following the instruction appearing on the HP Easy Smart App.
  • After completion of setup process, open “Apple Menu” and click on “System and Preference”.
  • Now, click on + sign from the ‘printers and scanners’ window to add your printer.
  • Now from the printer list that appears on your screen, select your HP wireless printer and click on “Add” button.
  • Finally, your HP Printer will be connected to your system.

So, the above-mentioned steps will definitely help you to know how to connect HP Wireless printer on MAC.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my hp printer to New WIFI?

  • Firstly, place your printer near the Wi-Fi router. Turn ON your printer and make sure paper is properly loaded in the main tray.
  • Choose Wireless Setup Wizard from the Wireless, Settings, or Network Setup menu.
  • Select the name of your wireless network, then enter the password to complete the setup process.

Can I connect my HP printer directly to my wireless router?

Yes, you can easily connect your HP printer to your Wireless router.

How to connect HP printer after a router or network password change?

When you check the Wi-Fi network name or password, try to reconnect your printer to the network using the new login credentials. Connect your printer from the wireless settings on the control panel, use WPS Pin with supported routers, or install the HP Smart app in your device.

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