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How to Fix HP Printer Paper Jam Issue?

There are several issues that you may face while printing your documents using HP printers. Even a tiny bit of paper can cause the HP paper jam error and remains as it is until proper troubleshooting methods are applied. The issue can bother you more even after removing this little piece of paper stuck in your device. Whenever you face issues like paper jam in HP printer, try to find its exact cause. Here, in this article, we have mentioned common methods to resolve HP printer paper jam away.

paper jam in hp printer

What Causes HP Printer Paper Jam Error?

Apart from issues in software like HP solution center, there are several other reasons due to which you may experience issues in your system. The error can occur due to any of the following reasons:

  • Overfilling Paper Tray: The paper tray of your HP printer has its own capacity limit beyond which you cannot load the sheets. Overfilling this tray can cause issues like HP printer paper jam with your device.
  • Improper Positioning of Paper: Another common cause of this issue is the incorrect insertion of the printing paper in the tray. In case, if you place the paper incorrectly, it may cause such issues with your HP printer.
  • Dust Particles in HP Printer: Not cleaning your printer on regular basis can cause paper jam error but no paper jam. So, when you get no paper stuck, check whether dust particles are affecting the functioning of your printer.

How to Fix Paper Jam Error in HP Printer?

Are you still worried about HP printer paper jam won’t clear the issue? If yes, don’t panic. Given below are some device-specific fixes that you can try to fix the HP printer paper jam issue:

Method 01: Check Front Cover of Your Printer

It is one of the easiest and quickest methods to troubleshoot HP paper jam errors. You just have to check the front cover of your printer. If there is any bit of jammed paper, try to smoothly pull them out.

Method 02: Check Input and Output Tray

HP printer paper jam troubleshooting involves checking the input and output tray of your printer. Follow the steps given below to remove the paper from the tray:

  • Plug out all the cables attached to your printer to turn it off.
  • Check if there are any bits of paper or any other objects inside the tray of your printer. If found, then kindly remove it.
  • Now, place your printer to its normal position and try to print. Your device might start working smoothly.

Method 03: Clean Printer Rollers

Cleaning the printer rollers can also help you to resolve the HP paper jam error. Given-below are some simple steps that you can try to clean them in the right way:

  • Remove all papers from the paper-feed tray of your printer and click the “Down arrow” button to select the “Settings” option. Then, press the “Ok” button to move forward.
  • Now, select “Tools” and press “Ok”
  • Now, choose “Clean paper feed” and tap “Ok”.
  • Wait for a while till the printer stops the cleaning process.
  • Now try to print a sample document to ensure whether everything is working fine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do when my printer says paper jam but there is none?

There are several methods that you can try to fix paper jam issues with your printer. Some of them are:

  • Clean Printer Rollers
  • Clean Paper Feed Rollers
  • Check Input and Output Tray for Jammed Paper
  • Check the Front Cover of your printer
  • At last, you can reset your printer.

How to clear a paper jam in HP printer?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to clean paper jam:

  • Turn off your printer and remove all the attached power cords.
  • Locate the input or output tray.
  • Check if there is any jammed paper. If yes, gently pull it to remove it.
  • At last, try to print a document to check if your device is working fine.

Why does my HP printer keep saying paper jam?

Several reasons due to which your HP printer displays paper jam issue are:

  • Overfilling Paper Tray
  • Not Positioning Paper Correctly
  • Using Incorrect Paper
  • Dust Particles in HP Printer


Our guide will definitely help you to avoid paper jam issues with your HP printer. The manufacturing company provides software like HP printer assistant to provide you with troubleshooting steps to fix such issues. These tested solutions will help you to prevent HP paper jam errors along with many other issues without any difficulty.

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