HP Solution Center- A quick start guide

HP Solution Center

Are you looking for an effective solution that can make HP Printer tasks easier? Put a full stop to your search here as HP has developed certain programs for users’ help. HP has introduced the HP Solution Center for the printers that were manufactured before 2011. You may consider this as a troubleshooting program that helps you with resolving different issues with HP Printer.

HP Printer

This effective software not only helps you with troubleshooting or repair tasks, but you may also use it for ordering cartridge supplies, scanning an image, or checking the level of ink or toner cartridges. Now that you know why you must use the HP Solution Center, we will discover how you can have it on your Windows device.

HP Solution Center software download windows 10

HP Solution Center is not separate software but a part of the full feature driver of the HP Printer. Hence, you need to install HP drivers to use the Solution Center on your device. Let us discover how you can download the necessary drivers on your device to start using the Solution Center:

  1. 01) Turn on your printer and connect it with the computer using a USB cable.
  2. 02) If you haven’t connected the two devices properly, then you will get a prompt to do so.
  3. 03) From your computer, go to the HP support website.
  4. 04) On the website, navigate to the Software and Driver Downloads section.
  5. 05) Select the Printer option on the product identification page.
  1. 06) In the given box, type your HP Printer model and tap ‘Submit’.
  2. 07) The next page will display the default operating system of your device.
  3. 08) You may also change the already selected operating system if it is wrongly selected.
  4. 09) To change the operating system, select ‘Change’ after choosing your operating system.
  5. 10) Go to the ‘Driver’ tab and click ‘Download’.

When the printer driver starts to download, you need to select the type of installation; ‘Typical’ or ‘Recommended’. Go to the ‘Downloads’ folder and locate the downloaded file of the HP driver.

Fix HP Solution Center not working problem

HP Solution Center is missing- if the Solution Center goes missing from your device, then you must uninstall the HP printer software ad reinstall it again.

Solution– Uninstall HP Printer using the following steps:

  1. 01) Remove the USB cable from the printer.
  2. 02) Go to the Control Panel of your Windows.
  3. 03) Go to the Programs and Features section.
  4. 04) Click on the name of your HP Printer.
  5. 05) Select the ‘Uninstall’ button and click ‘yes’.
  6. 06) Restart your computer after following some prompts.

When you have finished uninstalling the HP software, you may reinstall the printer drivers using the instruction given in the previous section.

Solution Center cannot run or scan– when you try to use the HP Solution Center and it does not respond, then it is a possibility that the driver is partially installed.

Solution– use the HP scan doctor

  1. 01) You need to download and run the scan doctor.
  2. 02) Open it and wait for it to locate your printer.
  3. 03) Choose your printer and click Next.
  4. 04) Select the ‘Fix Scanning’ button to resolve the issue.

If your HP Printer is manufactured after 2011, then you may use HP Printer Assistant which carries our same functions as HP Solution Center. The following are some commonly asked questions by the users regarding HP Solution Center. Let us shed some light on it too.

Additional queries by users:

Is Solution Center available for Mac?

Unfortunately, HP Solution Center is not available for devices running on the Mac operating system. But, you should not get disappointed if you are one of the Mac users. For such users, HP has developed HP Utility which performs the same functions as HP Solution Center.

What to do when the Solution Center is missing?

If the Solution Center goes missing from your device, then the best thing to find is using the search bar of your device. If it cannot be found by this method, then you can uninstall the HP driver software from your Windows and then reinstall again from HP’s official portal.

Where is the HP Solution Center?

The icon of the HP Solution Center might be present on the main screen of your desktop represented by a black or blue icon. If it is not there, a user can use the Windows search bar for locating any missing program or software.

How do I install HP Solution Center?

HP does not provide its users with a direct link to download the Solution Center. Those who want to use it can download the HP printer driver software and the Solution Center will get downloaded along with it.

How do I uninstall HP Solution Center?

If the Solution Center goes missing, stops scanning or working, then you may uninstall it using the following steps:

  1. 01)Use the Start menu of your Windows to open the Control Panel.
  2. 02)From the panel menu, go to the ‘Drivers and Downloads’ section.
  3. 03)On this screen, find out the name of your HP printer.
  4. 04)Click on it and select Uninstall/Yes.
How do I add a printer to HP Solution Center?
  1. 01) Click on the Start button of your Windows.
  2. 02)Go to the All Programs section.
  3. 03)In the list of programs, locate HP.
  4. 04)Locate the name of your device and find a sub-menu under it.
  5. 05)Click on the ‘Add Device’ option.
  6. 06)Follow the prompts to add it to the Solution Center.


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